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This is Uthaug Fisk

Uthaug Fisk was established as a company in 1987.
We stand by our belief in using old traditional methods in making fish, salmon and herring products.

In addition to our shop (Den Røde Brygge – The Red Seahouse) at Uthaug, our products can be bought from Uthaug Fisk sales trucks which participate at festivals and marketplaces throughout Norway.

Our Products

Salmon: Juniper-smoked salmon, pepper salmon, gravet salmon+++

Filet of herring: ”Spekesild” (raw herring pickled in salt), smoked herring, filet of herring marinated in spices, filet of herring ”apetit”.

Pieces of herring: Fosen-herring, Skjærgårds-herring, Redwine-herring, Tomato-herring, Mustard-herring and Sour cream-herring.

Fishfood: Fish cakes

Fish: Lightly salted cod, smoked cod, stockfish, salted coalfish, lyed stockfish etc.

Meats: Various whale meats